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Ring Vase - small (25 cm)

1750 ILS

hand made, can be ordered in other color variations.
25 cm high
White Black Pink Yellow Red Gold and Turquoise

This ceramic Ring Vase is part of StudioKahn's Golts Collection. This signed-by-the-artist piece is part of StudioKahn's solo exhibition "From Mold to Fragment" curated by Galit Gaon for the Design Museum Holon, Israel 2015

material: ceramic, angob, glaze, gold luster

please note that this is a hand made-to-order item. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to produce this sculpture. 
please leave us a note if you want to order this piece in a different color combination. 

Design Break on Goltz Collection:  "While visiting my beloved Israel last month, I was invited to take a look at Studio Kahn’s solo exhibition From Mold to Fragment, at the Design Museum Holon.
You have no idea how excited I felt, when I saw their whimsical creations with my own two eyes. It’s one thing to get excited by pretty pictures. But it’s a whole new world to actually get to see your favorite designs in person. It’s priceless, to say the least. Anyways, I’m only telling you because the Kahns (aka Mey and Boaz) just released their new collection that goes by the name Goltz. Well, on a second thought, it’s more like a sequel to their Herzl Collection (which is my favorite one).
These two have a way to transform all these mundane toys into a piece of art, that you just have to have and to hold in your life.
We all have a memory or object from our childhood that we want to keep close to our heart and not let go of. In a way, it feels like these ceramic beauties are Mey and Boaz’s way to keep their very own childhood memories alive and even glorified."

Hi! We are Mey and Boaz Kahn the founders of StudioKahn.

In the heart of Israel, hidden at the end of a green path, lies our studio. Here we fantasize, scribble, design and produce our products. Our contemporary ideas are meant to surround you with stories, emotions, hopes and fantasies, revealing questions about our way of living and suggesting new, exciting ways of looking at it.

Award-winning StudioKahn was established by Mey & Boaz Kahn in Jerusalem, 2009. Their clean and elegant ceramic products are designed and hand crafted in their boutique workshop and sold in leading design shops and museums around the world. StudioKahn has already gained remarkable recognition and exposure worldwide.

For more, visit us at www.studiokahn.com/