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Strauss Kahn Project – The Dream פרוייקט שטראוס קאהן – החלום

17000 ILS

Coat hanger for Sotheby’s in collaboration with designer Sholi Strauss
Materials: Red Oak wood, ceramic

height 233 cm, length 80 cm, width 45 cm

This furniture made for Sotheby’s “Dream Object” exhibition, tell stories. The stories are not verbal; they are associative fragments, historic quotes from non-existing cultures passed on by unreliable witnesses. The hard durability of the wood meets the fragile gentleness of the ceramic. This connection, combined with the different styles of the designers, creates a unique, new and exciting language.

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Hi! We are Mey and Boaz Kahn the founders of StudioKahn.

In the heart of Israel, hidden at the end of a green path, lies our studio. Here we fantasize, scribble, design and produce our products. Our contemporary ideas are meant to surround you with stories, emotions, hopes and fantasies, revealing questions about our way of living and suggesting new, exciting ways of looking at it.

Award-winning StudioKahn was established by Mey & Boaz Kahn in Jerusalem, 2009. Their clean and elegant ceramic products are designed and hand crafted in their boutique workshop and sold in leading design shops and museums around the world. StudioKahn has already gained remarkable recognition and exposure worldwide.

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